Can someone switch healthcare plans anytime if they pay for full price for private insurance?
25 April 2014, 10:40 PM
Can someone who pays for private insurance without subsidies change healthcare plans anytime of the year? I now have found out what people are saying about people losing their doctors!! I was lied to with the insurance I pay full price for my Dr. took this insurance. The receptionist at the Drs office said she gets this everyday, where people call to make an appointment, & they find out the insurance company lied to them saying the Dr. took their insurance. The receptionist told me of an insurance they will take, so can I switch over to this anytime? You certainly cannot get answers from the insurance company, they either don't answer the phone, or if you finally get someone they will lie & tell people their Drs take the insurance.

The receptionist also told me many people sign up with these insurances & then stop paying the premiums in a month or two. More and more I'm finding out Obamacare is worse than ever. People on single payer plans like medicare and the veterans think these plans are wonderful, so maybe they should get on one of them and see what they think. When I googled insurance agents in my area it only comes up with one person. What on earth is going on? I want to speak with a private insurance agent, not a insurance company that only has their best interest & will just tell lies on who is on their no good plans.  
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I don't think you can change until open enrollment starts again at the end of this year. I could be wrong though. Yes it's a disaster for sure!
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