Is anyone suing their health insurance companies for fraud?
25 April 2014, 10:40 PM
I'm ready to sue! I do not appreciate paying full price for a no good health insurance policy I was forced to take because of King Obama. I finally reached an insurance agent, & he told me everyone who calls him says the same thing about being lied to by their insurance company how their Drs accept their plan. The people find out, just like I did, when they call their Drs office the Dr. never said they would be taking these plans.

Insurance companies were sued before for denials and dropping people. Are people finally getting fed up enough with paying twice as much and being lied to of who is on these plans? This is FRAUD & LEADING PEOPLE ON! King Obama claimed the policies before were bogus, I agree, they weren't all that good either, but these are worse & again BOGUS. The insurance agent told me the people also try to get on line to see who is in their Dr. list and NETWORK. They too are seeing sites that don't give this information. This isn't reported on the news, they only report what is in the site people where people are going for subsidies. What type of attorneys should I call regarding this? People can't just sit back and keep taking this B.S. This isn't just King Obama's fault, it's also the insurance companies fault, they are in bed together & love all the grief and aggravation they are causing people.  
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Did your agent check your doctors prior to you purchasing the plan? I made sure every one of my clients knew whether or not their doctor participated in the plan that I put them on and I also made sure their medications were covered. This was especially important when I place a client on one of the marketplace plans, since those plans generally have a smaller doctor network and cover fewer medications.

If your agent didn't check the networks how did you think your doctor accepted the plan? Who at the insurance company told you and did you ask specifically for the plan you purchased? Did you get their name? If you do have a legitimate complaint your first stop would be your state Department of Insurance.
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