I wamt to start my business ... i am planing to making paper plates manufacturer ... tell me is that good idea .. if you other idea tell me?
21 April 2017, 01:50 PM
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> tell me is that good idea

The only good idea, is an idea that makes a profit !!
(at the very least, makes no loss)

and, unfortunately, you have provided no information on how your 'idea' makes money...
or the costs involved to produce and then recover those costs as 'sales' (to who ??)
therefore to what market you will supply and why they will choose you over someone else
(who may already be supplying...)

So.. back to basics..
can you do this idea without losing money
and can you sell at a price that lets SHOPs make a profit when they sell at a higher price to end users.. ??
Meta Analysis
A long answer and insightful. doesn't focus on cash, and it's assertive. The answer isn't very clear, and quite hard to understand.
The question is short with little complexity. No real monetary issues are questioned, but the question tone is natural. The question isn't very well explained, and hard to understand.
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