Does insurance really work out cheaper if I am a named driver?
25 April 2014, 10:40 PM
So I just bought a Volkswagen Polo, it's a 1.2 and in my name, I am 17yrs of age and grabbed it to learn to drive in and then for it to become my first car. I know am thinking of swapping the registered and legal owner/keeper over into my dad's name as insurance is £300-£400 more when it's in my own. If I did this it would make me a named driver on his policy (even though I would be the main driver most of the time), this keeps the cost down BUT... Can somebody please tell me if it would deprive me from getting my first year no claims discount? Or if it would change it in anyway etc? If somebody can explain the best and cheapest way for me to get insured that would be great, preferably enabling me to get my first years no claims so that it is reduced in the second year. Thanks!!  
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What you are proposing is called fronting and illegal.
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A long question mainly dealing with Volkswagen, Thanks,. No real monetary issues are questioned, and the tone of the question is very decisive. The question isn't very well explained, but well formed.
The answer is short and insightful. doesn't focus on cash, and the tone is tentative. The answer isn't very clear, and quite hard to understand.
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